Exwick Community Centre

The organisation running Exwick Community Centre has recently changed its name to Inclusive Exeter, which is separate to the Exeter Communities Together project. These webpages for the Centre will be moved once a new website is set up.

Exwick Community Centre  reopened on 02 August 2020 having complied with COVID-secure guidelines.

Inclusive Exeter has taken on the management of Exwick Community Centre from November 2019. Exwick is the north west corner of Exeter, just across the river from the University and the City Centre.

We are hiring out the community centre to groups like Exwick Tots (a parent and toddler group), Slimming World and karate. We encourage groups such as fitness and dance lessons and youth clubs which serve the local residents. People can also hire the community centre for parties and events.

Use the links below to find out more about Exwick Community Centre: