About Us

Exeter Communities Together (ECT) represents the coming together of a partnership of seven grass roots organisations, many of which have been run on a voluntary basis by community members, with the overarching aim of enabling Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) residents in Exeter to have a voice and increased visibility in the wider community.

ECT will contribute to improving the health and well-being of BAME communities and society as a whole by developing, as a partnership, shared knowledge and understanding, building sympathy and reducing fear between BAME communities and the indigenous population and reducing social isolation.

A key objective for ECT is to improve health and well-being for the City as a whole and to spread this benefit more widely in Devon. In this we are supported by Exeter City Council and Devon County Council. ECT are proud to announce an award of £456,000 from the National Lottery, to fund this project for three years. With the help and support of the communities of Devon and our partner organisations, we intend to grow and build this project for the benefit of all, into the future.

The project utilises the Asset Based Community Development model (ABCD) where existing resources, skills, knowledge, experience and expertise are used and shared between partner organisations to develop and improve communities. UBUNTU Counselling Services is currently the lead partner organisation for Exeter Communities Together.

Partner organisations currently include:

More organisations are expected to join during the project.